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Standing Stone, founded in 1998, is a disease state management company dedicated to enhancing the quality of care provided to patients who require long-term therapy for chronic disease management. Standing Stone’s e-suite of applications, CoagClinic, CholesterolClinic, DiabetesClinic and HFClinic, provide health care professionals the tools they need to effectively administer chronic disease therapy while improving outcomes, reducing overhead costs and optimizing provider remuneration.

CoagClinic provides decision support to health care professionals engaged in monitoring oral anticoagulation therapy. CholesterolClinic assists with the management and monitoring of patients undergoing lipid therapy. The company’s other applications address diabetes management hypertension, CHF and hematological disease states.

Our applications are designed to be used by health care professionals in a clinical setting, whether it be in a physician’s office, dedicated clinic or in a hospital system.

Standing Stone’s sophisticated web-based applications can be accessed via the Internet, your internal intranet or extranet. In all cases your sensitive patient data remains secure. Multiple levels of password protection and state of the art encryption techniques ensure compliance with HIPAA guidelines now and in the future.

Standing Stone’s vision is to provide secure, web-based applications that provide decision support tools to health care professionals engaged in disease state management.
Through the use of its products and services, Standing Stone seeks to enhance the quality of care provided to patients who require chronic disease therapy while significantly improving patient outcomes, decreasing overhead and complication costs and optimizing remuneration to health care professionals, Managed Care Organizations and hospital systems.

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